Infinite Affordable Landscapes

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Landscapes as a service! This package is receiving constant monthly updates and fixes as long as Epic lives (long live Epic!) as well as receiving one free landscape per month based on community votes for a duration of two years.

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The ultimate landscape package to meet all your landscape needs. Affordable Landscapes is a landscape package that contains many landscapes, 16 Square Kilometers each. Since October 2015 every month a new landscape plus more additional content, fixes and optimizations are added to this package as free monthly updates. This package is meant to be an extension of the needs of the Unreal Engine community. The most popular community requests will be entertained and added into the package as well. Use the Affordable Landscapes to jump start your game project with all varieties of environments ranging from Arizona canyons to Tropical Islands. It's all here! On top of the landscapes, there are a lot of cool other features such as moving Cloud Shadows, Color Grading Charts, Material Instances for customizing all the landscapes, Distance Based Tessellation Function, Post Process materials, Static Meshes for designing the backgrounds and more.

This package includes:

• Landscapes

• An advanced material instance to customize the look of each landscape.

• A unique splat map for each landscape to form interesting surface variations.

• High quality, PBR ready textures included to deliver the maximum quality to your games.

• Level specific lighting setup. Drag and drop your assets and everything will look great. No fine-tuning needed!

• Functions such as custom panner, moving dust on the ground, distance based tessellation and more.

• Static meshes to design the background of your levels.

• LUTs (Look Up tables) for color grading.

• Moving cloud shadows on the ground.

• And more!

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Technical Details

PBR: Yes
Collision: Yes
LOD: Yes
Texture size: 1K - 2K - 4K
[17] Landscapes
[21] Meshes
[34] Materials
[67] Material Instances
[19] Material Functions
[178] Textures

Additional notes: Texture count includes Albedo, Normal, Roughness, Mask and LUT.

Intended Platforms: Windows



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