Industrial Loft Furniture Pack

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Industrial Loft pack contains all objects for creating Loft interior visualization as well as for building your game level.

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Youtube preview:

Free artwork T_Artwork_415945 from:

Industrial Loft furniture pack contains all low polygon models but provides you with realistic production quality to build an industrial loft interior with costumizable Materials, easy to change the colors of your furniture.

This set includes over 110 Meshes with architectural dimensions and with different kinds of furniture varying from Kitchen, Dining, Living room, and Bedroom. All Meshes are created with highly detailed 2K Maps. You can see all of these in the Demo Map and Overview Map.

Technical Details


110 AAA quality 3D assets.

Tileable Textures.

Master Materials for all objects to control roughness and color

Using instant Materials for all objects

Demonstration Maps fully completed (Completed industrial loft interior)

LOD's for almost all main objects.


Props scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes

Texture Size: 352 Textures from 8x8 to 4K

Collision: Yes (auto) 

Average Vertex Count: 1800 

LODs: 2 levels reduce 75% vertices for LOD1 and 60% vertices for LOD2 

Number of Meshes: 110

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 135 

Engine Compatibility: 4.19+ 

Intended Platform: Desktop PC

Platforms Tested: Desktop PC

Documentation Included: No 

Important\Additional Notes: Tested with Baked GI & Real Time.



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