Industrial Crates Pack 1

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Pack of high quality multi-purpose industrial crates of varying sizes for set dressing.

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A pack of high quality industrial crate models (containers and lids) to use in modern industrial and sci-fi environments. Includes 6 Models - 3 sizes of crate in 2 styles each (ribbed and standard), Textures, Master Material and Material Instances and Open/Close Animations. Materials are set up with ID masks to allow additional customization.

Technical Details

6 Static meshes
6 Skeletal meshes
3 Textures per mesh (Color (white/grey tones), Mat ID, Combined AO/Metal/Rough)
1 Master Material
6 Material Instances
Poly Count: 3900-9100 triangles
1 Animation Asset per Skeletal Mesh (6 Total)
Documentation walkthrough of Master Material, Animation setup, and LOD setup.



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