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Outstanding modular compass system incorporating magnetic disturbance and utilising world rotation or a polar actor.

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Demonstration video =

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This blueprint powered system enables customisable compasses and is incredibly easy to install, use and customise.

Technical Details


- Modular compass system

- 2 compass mechanisms

- Direction based on character world orientation

- North polar actor with magnetic disturbance

- Magnetic field disturbance that affects the compass functionality (great environmental effect)

- Component-based - easy to install

- 6 compass roses 2048x2048

- 6 compass pins 2048x2048

- 6 glass reflections 2048x2048

- All images are professionally designed and of outstanding quality

Number of Blueprints: 12

Input: keyboard, mouse

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms:  PC, Mac,Linux

Supported Target Build Platforms:  PC, Mac,Linux

Documentation: tutorial is in-project

Please check out the YouTube support for In-Compass playlist -

Important/Additional Notes:

there is no Async loading at present but if this becomes necessary I will implement an Async loading guide on YouTube



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