IMV / Infantry Mobility Vehicle with Turret - Driveable

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Fully functional vehicle with sounds and physics, working turret and mounted gun.

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  • Fully functional vehicle with damage model, and cockpit, including all of the sounds (engine, transmission etc.) and particle effects (muzzle flashes, ejection of shell, etc.).
  • Realistic physics with active suspension
  • Working doors, working turret and gun, working gauges (RPM & speed), and three skins (Woodland, Desert and Police skin ( Russian alphabet )). 
  • Customization to the model directly from Blueprints: detach turret, open or close hatch, control lights, etc.
  • Multiple camera locations including real time feed of turret inside the vehicle, cockpit camera, machine gun camera, and free camera.
  • Working HUD/health system.

Breakdown video

Technical Details

  • Skeletal mesh x 3 ( body, turret, destroyed version )
  • Main textures for body, cockpit and skins : 8 x 4096 x 4096 Occlusion, Roughness, Metallic merged in one texture 
  • Turret texture and turret skins : 5 x 2048 x 2048 Occlusion, Roughness, Metallic merged in one texture 
  • Machine gun textures : 3x 2048
  • Tire texture : 3 x 1024
  • Siren texture : 3 x 512
  • Misc textures ( lights emissive, glass etc.) : 8 x from 256 x 256 to 512 x 512


Migrate files to your project then is needed to copy file from RaP_DV_IMV\Config to your project config folders.

Or add controls manually , controls are :

W A S D - Drive

SPACE - Handbrake       

Mouse L Button - fire weapon

C, V, X - Camera toggle

L - Toggle lights

I - Toggle hazardlights

F - Horn

H - toggle sirens ( police only skin )

The vehicle will only work with pawn associated with vehicle, to use your own pawn you need to copy all nodes from provided pawn to your project character / pawn

The vehicle is not associated with any real life vehicle, there are no logos or naming of real life vehicle 



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