Impromptu Fire Propagation

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A fire propagation system created entirely in Blueprint.

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*Update 11/18/15*

-Now supporting multiplayer and .4.10!

A fire propagation system, similar that found in the Far Cry series, created entirely in Blueprint. Fire can spread realistically across staticmeshes, landscapes and BSP.
-Creates grids of burnable FireCells according to your specifications
-Fire spreads realistically across cells, influenced by wind and parameters you set
-FireSettingsVolumes dictate fire behaviour, or inhibit fire, per-area -Easily set up limitless fire-related behaviours on your own actors through the FireInterface
-Included Explosive Barrel example actor catches fire, burns, explodes, and creates its own FireGrid to propagate fire further
-Included FireSpreadingProjectile creates and ignites firegrids wherever it hits
-Easily override particles and sounds
-Be the envy of every other video game with your totally rad fire.

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Recommended for all platforms



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