Ice Temple Retro Music Pack

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Journey through the ice plains and water dungeons in this retro puzzle and platform game inspired collection. Use the crafted scores or mix and match the loops to voyage through the icy landscape!

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Created with classic platform and puzzle games in mind, this collection contains 6 looping tracks that bring an icy chill to your game.
Set the scene and enhance the mood as your player ventures through calming water temples or death defying ice caverns - these looping tracks evoke over a 3 minute period each, urging your player on.
Why not mix and match the sections of these tracks with 12 atmospheric loops? Take your favorite parts of each track to craft your own unique mix
This pack also includes one-shot sounds to punctuate your players progress, be it defeating the boss, finding treasure or stumbling across a calming sea
What you get:
06 Looping Tracks - ranging from calm and restful to boss fight mode extreme
17 Mix and match loops
19 Sounds and effects
The Tracks
1) Dawn of Questing - a lively, bouncy and fun start that builds up a little tension
2) Hit the Slopes - an energetic, icy breeze
3) Mysterious Wind - a foggy, eerily peaceful track, a restful pace and a cold wind
4) Level Up Cavern - A restful, enticing, mysterious track
5) Boss Battle Bonanza - A frenzied street fighter-esque boss battle tune
6) Healing Wind - A comforting, restful loop

Technical Details

Number of Audio tracks: 42
Sample rate \ bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs
Does music\audio loop: Yes
How many sound FX: 19
How many minutes of audio provided: 26 mins
Intended Platform: All



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