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HTTP Communication with Web server over Blueprints. Login or authenticate. Get your own external IP.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.15 - 4.17


Communicate with a Webserver via Blueprints. You can send Data to a HTTP or HTTPS Webserver via GET or POST and get a String Array back. Each Line in the Server Response is one Array Value. You don't need C++.

I only tried Linux and Windows. Therefore, only these are officially supported. But the plugin should run on any platform where the engine is running.

Technical Details

  • POST and GET Requests
  • HTTP and HTTPS
  • Create a login and authenticate via a web server
  • Get your own external IP over or your own Web server
  • Asynchronous Background Task
  • Include C++ Source for C++ Projects
  • Documentation
  • Support in comments or (ENG,GER)


  • (17/10/2017) Switch back to Gamethread after Request end.

4.15 Version does not work for me. It will be deleted later. Only 4.16 and 417.



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