Horror Music Pack

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The Horror Music Pack is a collection of 6 cues perfect for any horror game.

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Preview: http://www.chibola.com/horror-clips

This pack of 6 terrifying tracks work together for a cohesive soundtrack to your game. Tracks vary from ambient/building to exploration and chase. A simple yet strong theme carries throughout the various tracks. Full Orchestra, Choir, Solo Strings and Voices are all showcased.

Tracks included:
- Don't Look Back
- Don't Look Back (Looping)
- In The Pod
- In The Pod (Looping)
- Ominous Threat
- Ominous Threat (Looping)
- The Arrival
- The Arrival (Looping)
- They're After Me
- They're After Me (Looping)
- Who's There
- Who's There (Looping)

Technical Details

Designed for all platforms

- 6 Wav files 16 bit/44kHz
- 6 Sound Cues



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