Multiplayer Horror Game Starter Kit with AI.

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Horror Game features with horror AI.

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I improved the project, improved the AI and added multiplayer support to all the logic that was. Now the update is has being checked by the Epic Games team.



This Horror starter Kit is an ideal starting point for creating your own game. Its consists completely from Blueprints.

Here you can find a lot of stuff to make your game, including smart AI, that has same logic, as Outlast AIs. AI can also hear players steps, doors (on open or close), throw object (on dropped).



Technical Details

• 100% customizable Blueprints with comments.

• Smart AI.

• Footstep System.

• Hide places, where you can hide from AI (AI can search you and discover hide places to find you).

• Noise system for AI (doors, steps, throwed items, all make sound and noise, that AI hear).

• Inspectable Object System.

• Pick up system. Pick up item, which you can use wherever you want (will be in your inventory).

• Modular Footstep System.

• Player Vision Detection Blueprint.

• First Person Horror Game Movement, Third Person Horror Game Movement (you can choose between them).

• Light Switch (Flashlight).

• Doors, that AI can open. Closed doors which you can open only if you have a key (pick up system).

• Item, that you can pick up, then throw. It makes noise (can be used to distract AI)

• Multiplayer

Intended Platform : All ( Tested on Windows ) 



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