Horror Engine v1.1

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Complete First Person Horror Game Kit

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Horror Engine v1.1 Demo: PC / Mac


v1.1 Demo Level Walkthrough

Everything you need to create your game and storyline! With this kit, you will have Endless Possibilities and Combinations for your story! Determine your rules and create your custom horror events without Editing any Code or Blueprint!

And also you will get Very Big Essential Features for your game!

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Potential Future Updates that I will continue if I can see enough requests: Physics System, Enemy AI, Main Menu (Save/Load, Graphic Settings), Multiplayer System, New Interactable Objects (Telephone, Tape, Elevator etc..)

Technical Details


  • Horror Events System (Endless Combinations for your Story)
  • Dynamic Inventory System
  • Full Editable Inspection System (including Pivot Control)
  • Diary (Quest) System
  • Subtitle and Speak System (With Audio)
  • Realtime Depth Of Field (with Focus Look Function)
  • Damage And Health System (including Fall Damage and Death)
  • Modular Ladder System
  • Footstep Sound System (with 7 physical Materials)
  • Light Equipment (Glowstick, Flashlight, Lighter and Torch)
  • Night Vision Camera (with Zoom Function)
  • Pistol and Shoot Trigger Area
  • Complete VHS System (including Fullscreen Mode)
  • TV and Remote System (including Channel System and Fullscreen Mode)
  • Radio System (including Channel System)
  • Security System (Keypad, Camera, Alarm, Motion Sensor, Monitor, E-Door, Keycard Access)
  • Portal (Teleport) System
  • Modular Candle System (including Shrink and Die Functions)
  • Pointlight, Spotlight and Torch (including Flicker and Explosion System)
  • Modular Doors and Furnitures (including Lock System and Dynamic Sounds)
  • Modular Buttons (including Secret Book, Torch and Painting)

Number of Blueprints: 63

Input: Keyboard + Mouse

Platforms: (PC / Mac)

Documentation: In Progress...



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