HorizonTween Plugin

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The goal of this plugin is to provide on the fly tween animation for UE4 with full control of tween event.

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Demo Video

Tutorial Video

Demo Project (Follow install note in github, you will be able to download editor build from nuget, so you don't need to pay for trying this plugin.)

The core feature in this plugin:

* Tween for Actor, SceneComponent and UMG Widget. (MoveFromTo, RotationFromTo, ScaleFromTo, ColorFromTo and MoveSplinePath)

* Event Callback:OnTweenStart, OnTweenUpdate, OnTweenLoop OnTweenFinished, so you can fire your own custom event at any point.

* Collision detection support for Actor and SceneComponent, use flag bSweep, bTeleport, bCollideAndFinishEvent for tween event control. You can also check SweepHitResult in OnTweenUpdate callback to fire your own custom function if you want additional behavior.

* Support tween along spline path for Actor, SceneComponent and Widget.

* Support multiple TweenStart and TweenEnd for TweenEvent param that helping user design fancy tweening animation.

* TweenSystem event control method: StopTweenEventByName, PlayTweenEventByName, PauseTweenEventByName, ResumeTweenEventByName, RemoveTweenEventByName, StopAllTweenEvent, PlayAllTweenEvent, PauseAllTweenEvent, ResumeAllTweenEvent, RemoveAllTweenEvent.

* About 30 type of Lerp mode are implemented: Linear Lerp, BounceInOut, InterpSinInOut...you can also design custom curve in UE4 editor if default implemented lerp mode didn't meet requirement.

Technical Details

List of Modules:
• HorizonTween (Runtime)

Intended Platform: All Platforms
Platforms Tested: Windows, Android, Mac



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