Hillbilly Happy Music Loop Pack

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Hillbilly Happy is one of the tracks from the jam-packed album Fun Quirky Music Pack Vol.1, which is also available on the Unreal Marketplace.

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Preview: soundcloud.com/craig-dodge/hillbilly-happy-sampler

The Hillbilly Happy Music Loop Pack contains 11 music files and seamless loops! Excellent for games and apps in the quirky, fun, children, animation, cartoon and puzzle genres. Basically anywhere where you need fun music loops in your project. Hillbilly Happy Music Loop Pack contains a variety of loop lengths and styles, as well as full mixes for trailers and promotion of your project. Enhance the fun and quirky elements of your project with music and ambients that fit perfectly!

Technical Details

44.1 kHz .Wav files, looping
Intended Platforms: All



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