High Quality Knives

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5 High quality photorealistic knives.

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5 High quality photorealistic knives.
Inspired by knives such as M9, KM2000, Specwog Warrior, Ontario Ranger Karambit and some other big knife.
Made with FPS games in mind, but not exclusively.

Technical Details

Includes 5 high quality knives. Static meshes
Triangle count ranging from 960 to 2388 per model.
Texture Sizes are 2048x1024 and 2048x2048.
Textures provided for each knife are: BaseColor, Normalmap, Roughness & Metallic(merged in RGB channels) Also some variations of textures.
25 Texture files total.
All Models have PBR Materials. 2 Models has Material Variations and 1 Model has Customizable colors for blade and grip. 12 Materials total, including Instances.



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