Forest Gnoll Set

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This package contains 8 ground foliage meshes, 5 small rock meshes, 4 trees, and 4 ground textures. Together they can be used to create convincing nature scenes.

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This package contains 8 ground foliage meshes, 5 small rock meshes, 4 trees, and 4 ground textures. The ground meshes are a collection of 2 small bushes, 2 flower meshes, and 3 grass meshes. All assets are used in the screenshots.

You can find a short video demonstrating the content here: If you like this content, please check out my other $5 art packages on the Unreal Marketplace!

Technical Details

Full Technical Specifications:

PBR: Yes
Texture Size:
t_bedrocktile01 (2048x)
t_bedrocktile01_normals (2048x)
t_bush01 (2048x)
t_bush01_normals (2048x)
t_bush01_spec (2048x)
t_bush02 (1024x)
t_bush02_normals (1024x)
t_cloverpatch01 (1024x)
t_cloverpatch01_normals (1024x)
t_daisy01 (1024x)
t_daisy01_normals (1024x)
t_dirttile01 (2048x)
t_dirttile01_normals (2048x)
t_flower02 (2048x)
t_flower02_normals (2048x)
t_grass01 (1024x)
t_grass01_normals (1024x)
t_grass02 (1024x)
t_grass02_normals (1024x)
t_grass03 (1024x)
t_grass03_normals (1024x)
t_grasstile01 (2048x)
t_grasstile01_normals (2048x)
t_grasstile02 (2048x)
t_rocks01 (1024x)
t_rocks01_normals (1024x)
t_treebark01 (1024x)
t_treebark01_normals (1024x)
t_treeleaves01 (2048x)
t_treeleaves01_normals (2048x)
t_treeleaves01_spec (2048x)

SM_Tree01 (Box Collision)
SM_Tree02 (Box Collision)
SM_Tree03 (Box Collision)
SM_Tree04 (Box Collision)
SM_Rock01 (Auto-Convex Collision)
SM_Rock02 (Auto-Convex Collision)
SM_Rock03 (Auto-Convex Collision)

Vertex Count:
SM_Bush01 (444)
SM_Bush02 (24)
SM_Cloverpatch01 (9)
SM_Flower01 (32)
SM_Flower02 (30)
SM_Grass01 (66)
SM_Grass02 (32)
SM_Grass03 (37)
SM_Rock01 (96)
SM_Rock02 (74)
SM_Rock03 (109)
SM_Rock04 (151)
SM_Rock05 (73)
SM_Tree01 (3504)
SM_Tree02 (4701)
SM_Tree03 (2270)
SM_Tree04 (1559)

LODs: No
Number of Meshes: 17
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 15
Number of Textures: 31
Intended Platform: Windows
Platforms Tested: Windows
Documentation Included: No



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