Hex Grids

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Hex Grids is a C++ plugin that makes working with hexagon grids easy. Built with performance in mind, this plugin exposes 50+ functions to blueprint for building and working with hex grids in the most efficient and flexible way possible.

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Demo Project: Download Link

Youtube Playlist: Link

Hex Grids is a C++ plugin that makes working with hexagon grids easy. All core functionality is written in C++ for maximum performance, and almost all functions are exposed to blueprint via function libraries. 4 maps explain how to use the plugin with many examples, and all blueprints are well commented for easy understanding.

If you want a quick grid without any fuss, just add a HexGridPreset component, give it a instance component, and you're good to go. If you want to build a complex and powerful gameplay grid, you’re covered too, the plugin provides a solid framework to build complex setups.

Full Source Code included


Key features:

  • Grids generators for hexagon, rectangle, triangle and parallelogram shaped grids.
  • A* Pathfinding
  • Flood Fills & Flood Fill Pathfinding
  • Various methods of selecting tiles
  • Functions for returning Neighbours, diagonals, and corners.
  • Examples for working with static meshes or instance static mesh components.
  • Example on multi-instance grids.
  • Examples on animating the grid
  • Examples on grid selection.

Technical Details


  • 4 Hex Grid generation shapes
  • 56 custom C++ functions exposed to blueprint.
  • Robust framework for building any complexity of systems

Code Modules:

  • HexGrids - Runtime Plugin

Blueprints (All blueprints are examples of setups):

  • 19 Blueprints
  • 3 components.
  • 1 struct
  • 1 enum

Number of C++ Classes:

  • 3 Function Libraries.
  • 2 Structs
  • 3 Enums

Network Replicated: No - Untested

Supported Development Platforms: Win64, Win32

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64, Win32



Example Project: Download Example Project



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