Helicopter And Airship Controllers

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Contains Actor Components that can be plugged into Actors to make them controllable by a player. This type is meant to be used for flying or floating objects like helicopters, airships, or possibly even submarines with the right settings.

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Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qF4hc793Js&feature=youtu.be


-Helicopter And Airship Controller

-Propeller Controller

-Camera Controller

-Demo Helicopter Assets

The main part of this pack is an actor component that can be dropped into a blueprint and with just a bit of simple control input event additions let a player fly the actor around. This controller allows the player to make the actor move up, down, left right, forward, backward, look around, and also to roll should they desire. Primarily physics based this is an easy out of the box controller pack to let you make whatever art assets you have quickly become something the player can fly.

This controller is also made so it can be deactivated and activated as is needed, allowing it to be swapped out for other compatible controllers or such in the middle of gameplay.

Also included is a propeller controller that allows various categories of propellers to be set up. This works similar to the main controller except it allows you make other components spin based on various types of inputs.

Lastly, there is a helicopter model and materials included to demonstrate these controllers.

This controller supports replication/multiplayer as of a recent update.

Technical Details

Full Documentation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13N2Ynv5_Lzu2y9Oi03Y6X0HKv9swylhjKL_z3Topz0w/edit?usp=sharing

In order to use these controller simply copy or migrate the controllers into a project then add them to your desired blueprint. After adding them to a blueprint you can rig them up with a few control inputs, and then depending on the specifics some alterations to component names and you're set.

The main controller does require the root component of a given Blueprint to have physics enabled, and for the camera controls to work for it to have a swing arm with a camera attached to it parented to the scene root. After connecting the input events in the event graph the actor can now be steered around like a helicopter, airship, or anything that moves similarly.

Includes 3 actor component blueprints, and 3 pawn blueprints.

Helicopter_Controller (AC)

Propeller_Controller (AC)

Camera_controller (AC)

Art_Overview_Helicopter (P)

Helicopter_Demo (P)

Helicopter_Prop_Demo (P)

3 Static Meshes:

- SH_Airframe_Gunless: 2622 vertices

- SH_Rotors: 826 vertices

- SH_Tail_Rotor: 158 vertices

(all use automatically generated collisions)

2 Master Materials

1 Texture

Input Mappings: Keyboard and mouse. (you can use whichever ones you want though)

Network Replicated: Yes

Has been tested on Windows Platforms.

For additional Details or Question Contact me At: Pineconedemon@Gmail.com



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