Hands for VR SciFi

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"Hands for VR: SciFi" brings three science fiction hand models (Futuristic Gloves, Alien Hands, Mechanized Gloves) to Virtual Reality developers.

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Preview: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoUflznnDfo

"Hands for VR: SciFi" brings three science fiction hand models to Virtual Reality developers.

6 Meshes cover all your SciFi needs:
• Futuristic Gloves
• Alien Hands
• Mechanized Gloves

PBR Materials, easily adapted to any scenario.
Simple Materials included, for Mobile VR usage.

Technical Details

44 Assets:
(3) Simple Materials for Mobile usage
(3) PBR Materials
(3) PBR Material Instances (easily change glow colors)
(6) Meshes of left/right hands: Futuristic Gloves (2230 Tris), Alien Hands (4402 Tris), Mechanized Gloves (8746 Tris)
(6) Skeletons of left/right hands
(6) Grab animations for left/right hands
(17) Textures (albedo, diffuse, emissive, normals, reflection for all; masks for gloves)

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Rigged: Yes
Rigged to Epic skeleton: No
Animated: Yes
Texture Resolutions: 2048-4096
Number of Animations: 1
Animation types (Root Motion/In-place):In-Place

Other Links: neobird.de



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