Hands for VR: Basic

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"Hands for VR: Basic" aims to bring hand models to Virtual Reality developers.

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Overview Video: youtu.be/WvECpa7IRTM
Nail and Skin Material Video: youtu.be/nfZ3FaFQcxI
Razer Hydra Example Video: youtu.be/piz-Y7V1Bv8

12 Meshes cover all your needs: low, med and high poly female and male hands, each left and right, fully rigged. Materials are included to allow easy adjusting of skin and nail color to your needs. The high detail material uses subsurface scattering. Material instances for African and Caucasian included.

Technical Details

34 Assets:
• (4) Lowpoly Hand Meshes: Left/Right for Female/Male (Male/Female 1140 Tris)
• (4) Medpoly Hand Meshes: Left/Right for Female/Male (Male 1998 Tris, Female 2228 Tris)
• (4) Highpoly Hand Meshes: Left/Right for Female/Male (Male 8034 Tris, Female 8938 Tris)
• (2) Female Skeletal Rig: Left/Right Hand
• (2) Male Skeletal Rig: Left/Right Hand
• (2) Female/Male Hand Texture @ 512x512
• (2) Female/Male Hand Texture @ 1024x1024
• (2) Female/Male Hand Texture @ 2048x2048
• (4) Example Animation Blueprint (Grab)
• (1) Base Skin Material Simple (Low/Med)
• (1) Base Skin Material with Subsurface Scattering (High)
• (4) Skin Material Instances for Skin and Nail colors
• (African/Caucasian, Low/Med)
• (2) Skin Material Instance with Subsurface Scattering for Skin and
• Nail colors (African/Caucasian, High)

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Rigged: Yes
Rigged to Epic skeleton: No
Animated: No
Texture Resolutions: 512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048
Intended Platform: Desktop, VR
Platforms Tested: Desktop Windows
Documentation Included: No



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