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Low- to mid-poly modular asset set with customizable materials.

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Small asset set of a hallway, intended for real-time architecture visualization. The materials are customizable with settings for base color, roughness, metal color, add paint and more. Also includes a customizable Substance for the herringbone parquet.

All models are modular and snap to the grid, except for the door, which has its pivot point at its hinge for easy opening and closing. As well as custom UVs for light mapping and a custom simple collision.

Technical Details

Set includes:

29 meshes

17 textures

8 master materials

20 material instances (including 1 Substance Graph instance)

3 other materials

1 Substance

Texture Size:

4096x4096 (10)

2048x2048 (3)

1024x1024 (3)

64x64 (1)

Triangle and Vertex Count:

Arch (780 Tris, 570 Verts)

Baseboard Long (24 Tris, 26 Verts)

Baseboard Short (48 Tris, 80 Verts)

Ceiling (416 Tris, 272 Verts)

Decorative Sphere (432 Tris, 540 Verts)

Door (2126 Tris, 1960 Verts)

Doorstep (6 Tris, 8 Verts)

Door Frame (288 Tris, 306 Verts)

Floor (2 Tris, 4 Verts)

Framed Pictures in 7 sizes (44 Tris, 72 Verts)

Heating (19806 Tris, 15521 Verts)

Lamp (870 Tris, 555 Verts)

Lamp mounting (140 Tris, 145 Verts)

Light switch (106 Tris, 102 Verts)

Potted Plant Monstera (1614 Tris, 1179 Verts)

Potted Plant Succulent A (3292 Tris, 2235 Verts)

Potted Plant Succulent B (2694 Tris, 1828 Verts)

Sideboard (2155 Tris, 1734 Verts)

Stool (1440 Tris, 983 Verts)

Wall, flat (2 Tris, 4 Verts)

Wall, Door (6 Tris, 8 Verts)

Wall, Window (295 Tris, 270 Verts)

Window (2862 Tris, 2454 Verts)

Props scaled to Epic skeleton: (Yes)

Collision: Yes - custom

LODs: No

Intended Platforms: Windows

Platforms Tested: Windows 10

Documentation: No

Important/Additional Notes:

  • Needs the free Substance Plugin for the Substance material to function. Set the Substance Engine to GPU Engine inside the project settings for full resolution.
  • Enable Cascaded Shadow Maps for higher detailed shadows.
  • Might work for VR and other Platforms, however can't be guaranteed since I can't test it.



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