Guns, Engines & Machines Sound Collection

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GEM is a vast collection of 233 high quality samples of immersive gun & tech sounds to make the technology in your game world alive!

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GEM is a vast collection of 233 immersive gun & tech sounds to make the technology of your game alive. All samples are either real world field recordings or base on them to provide realistic feel.

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The pack contains:


Gun shots and handling sounds (31 samples): pistol with and without silencer, rifles, shotgun, machine gun, sci-fi guns; reload and handling sounds, all from real guns.

Engine sounds (30): Car, motorcycle, helicopter, jet plane, propeller plane, generators, sci-fi/industrial.

Machine sounds (25): Hiss, valve and piston loops, chainsaw (start, idle, use, stop), drill, signal sounds (9 types).

Atmosphere sounds (20): Clangs, rumbles, clicks, buzz and rustling, water sounds.

Synthesized human voices (45 x 2) for making e.g., computers or robots in your game feel more alive! Female and male versions are included. Phrases include:

  • Numbers from 1 to 10
  • Elevator voice: 1st to 10th floor
  • Various types of notifications such as "alert", "error", "ready to fire", "enter password".

Seamlessly looping environment soundscapes (10) covering the following environments: restaurant (1), crowd (2), street and city traffic (3), spaceship/sci-fi (2), wasteland (2).

Miscellaneous sounds (27): Elevator sounds, button presses, 2 types of footsteps, page flip, shower, sawing, sirens, car door, signal noises, opening sounds, church bells.

Technical Details

Total number of samples: 233

Total number of sound cues: 231

Total length of samples: 11:07 (size 112 MB)

Do samples loop: Yes (where appropriate)

Sample quality: 44100 Hz/16 bit stereo wav

Intended platforms: All (tested on PC)



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