Gothic Manor

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The Gothic manor project is an extensive project that you can learn from with countless assets that you can reuse in your projects!

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The Gothic manor has been in development for weeks and countless hours have been poured into the project, with mood-boards, music and magic (metaphorical and literal) leading the project in the right direction. It takes the traditional take on an evil villains mansion, an insane one at that, as each room and space tells a story and the colors used in the scenes paint the owners persona.

The assets in this project, such as meshes, textures and materials can be reused in your own projects!

Additionally there is a lot to observe and experiment with on the project, such as lighting, material and texture tricks and more!

Technical Details


  • Multiple rooms, the grand entrance, an office, bedroom, kitchen, dining room and corridors.
  • 44 materials, 77 instances.
  • 93 textures.
  • 123 unique meshes.
  • Archvis level lighting.
  • High quality materials and textures.
  • A huge mansion with many rooms detailed.

Props scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes.

Collision: Yes, auto generated and custom.

Vertex Count: ~8,300,000 Unique vertices, ~16,000,000 Vertices in the scene.

LODs: No.

Number of Meshes: 123.

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 44 materials, 77 instances.

Number of Textures: 93



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