God-Like Controls

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God-like controls: 100% Blueprint made, versatile camera and controls system, using actor components to handle any character or pawn. (Top-down, RTS, MOBA, isometric RPG, god-like games, point-and-click, etc.)

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Versatile camera and controls system for top-down, RTS, MOBA, aRTS, isometric RPG, god-like games, point-and-click games and the like.

Useful for gamejams but also for testing quickly various camera and controls at early stages of a development.

Based on a set of Blueprints grown organically over the years by making game prototypes and gamejams and gameplay R&D, God-like Controls have been cleaned, debugged and packaged for the Marketplace.

  • 100% Blueprint made.
  • The player controls an invisible camera pawn and can control and/or interact with ANY third party actors equipped with God-like Controls actor/scene components: point and click logic, mesh outlines, cursors, RTS selection and some minor functionalities

A content example shows how to use God-like Controls functionalities with useful scene debug display:

  • A camera debug display allows you to visualize the camera various parameters and angles
  • Live portrait of the actors involved
  • Current custom User Widget used as HUD

Technical Details


Point and click functionalities: player’s pawn P_PnClickCamera, agents comp. cpA_PnClickAgent + controllers

Outlines: cpA_Outline, cpA_DisplaySelection and post-processing materials

Cursors: cpA_Cursor

RTS selection: cpA_Selectable and UI/widgetMarqueeSelector

Content Example: Maps/mapcontentExampleGodLikeControls


God-like Controls core functionalities: 6 actor components, 1 pawn, 2 controllers, 1 actor, 2 enums, 2 structs, 4 interfaces

Libraries: 1 function library, 1 macro library, 1 testing actor

UI: 1 HUD BP, 4 user widgets, 1 interface, 2 structs

God-like Controls Content Example: 4 characters, 1 pawn, 1 function library, 1 enum, 3 actor components, 1 BT (+BB), 1 BT service, 1 interface, 4 actors, 29 cursor textures (magenta for proto purpose), 17 user widgets, 7 render target materials (+ copies of Epic Games assets)

Input: Keyboard and Mouse, designed to take advantage of Unreal Engine action and axis mapping

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms and Target Build Platform: Windows (not hard to adapt to other platforms)

Documentation: Content\GodLikeControls\Documentation: "God Like Controls documentation.pdf" and "Content Example documentation.pdf"

Additional Notes: Package intended either for prototyping and comparing multiple control solutions or gamejams



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