Generic Stat Manager Component

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This simple component makes adding replicated management of arbitrary ints, floats, and strings a snap!

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Latest Version: v1.8.1

Quickly add the ability for your actors, both replicated and not, to track arbitrary int, float, and string data. Provides a simple interface for fetching, setting, and incrementing stat data.

This asset is already included in Generic Shooter. It is used in Generic Shooter to keep track of kills, deaths, and other data for both players and teams. Generic Shooter *does not* come with this asset's Example content however.

Please see the video overview before buying to see if this product is for you. It is an incredibly simple module meant for one specific thing, and was created as a reusable sub-module for Generic Shooter.

Technical Details

Features easy replicated management of arbitrary int, float, and string stats.

Number of Blueprints: 22

Network Replicated: Yes


Support Discord:



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