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This is a 100% Blueprint project meant to be the base for an FPS / TPS.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.9 - 4.15


This 100% Blueprint project is the quickest and easiest way to rapidly put together and iterate on a multiplayer first or third person shooter game.
You can view live development of this project at

• 100% Blueprint
• First person and Third person camera views
• Full support for multiplayer
• Includes Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch game modes
• Configurable options such as round timer and friendly fire
• Randomly chosen teams with team name and team color support
• In-game Chat
• In-game Scoreboards
• In-game Kill Feed
• Configurable Instant Hit and Projectile weapons
• Includes basic pistol, rifle, grenade launcher, and rocket launcher weapons
• Includes very basic placeholder animations for first and third person
• Weapons can be dropped, behave as physics objects, and can be picked back up
• Ammo pickups
• Hit markers and take damage indicators
• Includes ready to use main menu
• Persistent settings menu
• Functional server list*
• Customizable player hats
• ...and lots of little things to add polish done through iterative feedback and playtests done on my twitch channel.

Server List will work with Steam with no modifications, you just need to enable Steam in your project, otherwise it will be LAN only. I do not offer any official support for getting Steam enabled in your project however.

Support roadmap:
More information can be found at:

Technical Details

This is a Blueprint project, not a Blueprint asset. While you could import this into your own project and just point your level’s gamemode to the supplied Deathmatch or Menu game mode, it is recommended to use this as a base for a project.

Intended Platform:
Desktop, Console, (Basic Testing on an Nvidia Shield)

Platforms Tested:
PC, Mac, Ubuntu

Contact and Support

Support Community:



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