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A customizable generic focus and/or zoom system which works as a plug-n-play addition to your game.

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Generic Focus and/or Zoom system made for you as an addition for all kind of games you are developing. If you can get access to the camera on the viewport and Event Tick on the same blueprint, then this system is plug-n-play! You expand a single node to customize everything about the system and you can modify system for your needs in easy to understand blueprints. The system has two modes, auto and manual. Auto mode automatically focuses to object on aim but manual mode always stays focused on selected object. Modes have the options of Zoom and Focus/Only Zoom/Only Focus. For now system isn’t optimized for multiplayer and don’t have the option of focusing to multiple objects.

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 19 (3 Enums, 2 Blueprint Libraries, 10 Structures, 4 Demo-Level BPs)

List of Features:
• Automatically focus and/or zoom to aimed object
• Manually focus and/or zoom to selected object
• Works with event tick (an execution pin given in main node)
• Toggle mouse cursor with single execution pin
• Selecting object by aim or mouse cursor position with single execution pin and two output pins setup
• Stop adapting with single execution pin
• Outputs selected actor and component
• Outputs distance between camera and selected object in CM and INCH



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