Gear VR Starter Kit

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The easiest way to make your own Gear VR Adventure/EscapeRoom game

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 Welcome to GearVR Starter Kit! This package is a base project for creating GearVR applications. It also contains additional features to ease creation of EscapeRoom/Adventure games (inventory, items handling and interaction devices).

Technical Details


input mapping for GearVR HMD and Touch Controller

input actions:

for GearVR HMD – Touch/Delayed Touch, Swipe X/SwipeY

for GearVR Touch Controller – Touch/Delayed Touch, SwipeX/SwipeY, Touch Buttons (x5), Back Button

switching between interaction modes HMD only/HMD with Touch Controller

player movement - teleport + crouch/stand up actions

visual indicators support (teleport/investigation/interaction/targeting dot) + pointing laser for controller

player inventory feature + desired UI ready for use in your apps

collectable item - item that can be put to inventory and then investigated on player's demand - Paper Sheet objects

interaction item – item that can be put to inventory and then mounted to interaction devices

interaction device – game object that can be assembled using interaction items, can be activated/deactivated and spawn new items for further gameplay

test modes for testing the app on Desktop PC and Oculus Rift device

Demo map with all interactions

Number of Blueprints: 27

Network Replicated: Soon

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

Supported Target Build Platforms: Gear VR

Documentation: GearVRStarterKit_Manual.pdf



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