Gamepad Input and Deadzone Fix

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Fixes UE4's uneven reading of thumbstick inputs. Smooths out all inputs. Allows user to have a circular deadzone on the thumbstick. And allows user to have specific deadzone min and max sizes. Also comes with a visualizer.

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Fixes UE4's uneven reading of thumbstick inputs.

Normally, UE4 reads the maximum inputs of a gamepad thumbstick as sort of a square with rounded edges, rather than a circle like most would expect. This handful of Blueprint nodes allows you to remap those values to a more correct circle, allowing for a more accurate representation of input from the thumbsticks.

Also replaces the traditional UE4 Axial deadzone, where x and y values are deadzoned separately, resulting in a deadzone that looks like a cross, with a circular deadzone. Now, the deadzone is only in the middle of the thumbstick movement area, like it should be.

You can set the minimum and maximum deadzone values with variables inside the player character itself, allowing for complete control over your thumbstick values like never before! And, when moving the thumbstick out of the deadzone, the corrected thumbstick values are smoothly interpolated from the center, allowing for high precision, even in FPS shooters.

And last but not least, this comes with a quick to setup visualizer of all of the above data. With various rings showing the maximum bounds of the thumbstick, the minimum and maximum user defined deadzone areas, as well as the original thumbstick location and the corrected thumbstick location.

There is practically no game type that does not benefit immensely from adding this to its movement and camera mechanics.

Technical Details


  •  Remaps thumbstick inputs into a circular shape.
  • Smoothly interpolates thumbstick position once outside the deadzone, allowing for high precision movement.
  •  Replaces UE4 standard Axial deadzone with a Radial deadzone.
  •  Provides a UI visualizer to see the following values:
  • Maximum bounds of the thumbstick.
  • Minimum Deadzone area.
  • Maximum Deadzone area.
  • Actual Thumbstick location.
  • Corrected Thumbstick location.

Number of Blueprints: 3

Number of UI Elements/Widgets: 13

Input: Gamepad

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: PC, Xbox, PlayStation

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, Xbox, PlayStation


Important/Additional Notes:

When adding this to your own project. Be sure to go into your project settings, search for 'deadzone', and for whichever thumbstick you are going to be applying this blueprint to, change the deadzone values (usually 0.25) to 0, as that deadzone will be handled by the Blueprint.

Side Note:

In certain scenarios, if you multiply the input strength by the corrected input, you might get some cool intended behavior.



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