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3000+ Sound Effects Game Sound Collection!

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3000+ Sound Effects Game Sound Collection!

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Multi-purpose high quality sound effects library containing THOUSANDS of sound effects ultimately suitable for any game genre.

Affordable royalty free sound effects for commercial games and for rapid prototyping of new ideas.

Contains 3000+ categorized 16 bit 44.1kHz WAV files (stereo and mono depending on suitability). Sounds are game-ready and have been optimized in length to reduce size of game distributions. The sounds are free of clipping, always start/end at volume 0 to avoid any clicks or pops, and looping sounds are seamless. Each sound is named appropriately and also has asset labels to allow quick search within UE4.

Please contact us if you need your sound.

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Technical Details


  •  1.47GB
  •  3,363ea / 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo / Mono WAVs

Number of Audio Waves : 3,363ea

Number of Audio Cues : 3,363ea

Sample rate / bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo / Mono WAVs

Do Sound FX loop: No

Minutes of audio provided : N/A

Supported Development Platforms : ALL

Supported Target Build Platforms : ALL

Sound Category : 31ea

  • 2DRPG
  • Ambience
  • BoardGame
  • Cartoon
  • Damage
  • Explosions
  • Foley_Impact
  • Gun
  • Gun_Bio_1_Normal
  • Gun_Bio_2_Transform
  • Gun_Bio_3_Android
  • Gun_Bio_4_Alien
  • Horrors
  • Horror_Whoosh
  • Magic
  • Monster
  • Opne_Close
  • Robot_Error
  • Robot_Signal
  • Sci-Fi
  • Sci-Fi_Robot_Emotion
  • Sci-Fi_Sound_Pack_Vol_1
  • Sci-Fi_Sound_Pack_Vol_2
  • Sci-Fi_Sound_Pack_Vol_3
  • Sci-Fi_SpacShip
  • Smell
  • Sprite
  • UI_Jingles
  • Weapon_Whoosh
  • Whoosh_Cinematic
  • Whoosh_Fast_Punch



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