Game Ready Footprint System

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A Non-Destructive easy to implement Blueprint based footprint system with comprehensive control!

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Quick Guide

Using this system, the only other Blueprints you are going to touch is that of your characters, where you will only need to add arrow components depending on how many feet you have. It isn't restricted on the amount, which means it can be human, horse, or a centipede. There is no need to add stuff in the animation Blueprint or elsewhere! Non-Destructive!

In the animations of your character, you assign the custom made animation notify on the specific times the feet touch the ground. It might sound tiresome, but you have more control and can use this system in other ways! (E.g. When in combat or other situations). Easy to Implement!

And now the fun part! Of course you can add sound, particles, and simple decals but more complex decals that are intensity based or have motion (E.g. Walking on sand or expanding the decal) and even fade out is possible. Also transitioning from one material to another is included! You always are in control in every detail of its elements and every foot independently (E.g. Left foot can be normal and right foot can be a wooden leg)! Comprehensive Control!

Extra! Camera Shake for big guys!

The Sounds, Particles, Decal Textures and Ground Textures included should not be used for your actual game because they are of low quality. What i currently provide is the tool and mechanism like buying power tools to modify your home!

Feedback is welcome and desired for the continued development of this system!

Technical Details

List of Features:

  • Sound, particles, and decals can be intensity based.
  • Sound, particles, and decals have their own uniqueness to them and set of parameters to control.
  • Decals can spawn instantly or gradually, fade out, and do transitions between materials.
  • Decals can have variations in their normal map when spawning to have diversity.
  • Landscapes make use of only PhysMats to determine the ground type.
  • Objects also use PhysMats but can be specific to materials too!!!
  • Decals work in baked and realtime lighting.
  • No weird decals on irregular angles.
  • Performance was a crucial factor all the time.
  • Experimental materials for parallax occlusion mapping and bump map decals.

Supported Development & Target Build Platforms: Windows

Documentation: Video & Forum.

Important/Additional Notes: Only tested on windows. Use on your own risk on other platforms! Most of the features are universal, EXCEPT the materials are not meant for Mobile.

Sample Rate / Bit Rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo .WAVs

Number of Audio Cues: 5

Number of Audio Wavs: 5

Does Audio Loop?: No

Number of Blueprints: 4

List of Modules:

  • Blueprint Actor: 1
  • Blueprint Decal Actor: 1
  • Blueprint Anim Notify: 1
  • Blueprint Camera Shake: 1
  • Structures: 4
  • Enums: 1
  • Data Tables: 2
  • Material Parameter Collection (experimental material): 1

Type of Emitters: GPU

Number of FX: 1

List of FX: Sand Particle

Number of Master Materials: 5

Number of Material Instances: 1

Network Replicated: Yes

Number of Textures: 12



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