Game-Ready Food Pack

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36 Game-Ready realistic photo scanned food meshes.

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36 high quality realistic photo scanned foods for Games, Cinematic, VR/AR.

All assets have PBR materials with 4K textures.

Mesh showcase video:

Technical Details


  • 36 high quality realistic photo scanned food meshes
  • High quality texture sets
  • Game ready assets 

Texture Sizes:

  •  BaseColor(4096x4096)
  •  Roughness(4096x4096)(BaseColor Alpha Channel is for Roughness map)    
  •  Normal(4096x4096)    

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Collision: Yes, automatically generated

Vertex Count:

Apple00:969 Apple01:772 Broccoli:2,615 Cabbage00:1,642 Cabbage01:1,164 Cabbage02:1,687 Cake00:599 Cake01:991 Cantaloupe00:1,294 Cucubitapepo:801 Grapefruit:621 Lotusroot:1,048 Mango00:453 Mango01:474 Mangosteen00:751 Mangosteen01:941 Mangosteen02:797 Mangosteen03:827 Muskmelon00:581 Muskmelon01:506 Orange00:366 Orange01:411 Peach00:484 Pear00:475 Pear01:478 Pear02:554 Pear03:549 Pitaya00:3,233 Pitaya01:2,860 Pomegranate00:583 Pomegranate01:627 Potato:513 Radish:530 Ramen:1,177 SteamedBun:505 Sweetpotato:741

LODs: Auto generated

Number of Meshes: 36

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 37

Number of Textures: 18

Supported Development Platforms: Console, PC

Supported Target Build Platforms: Console, PC



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