Furniture and Fixture Pack With 322 MESHES

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A furniture and fixture pack that includes 322 DIFFERENT meshes and more than 140 materials, game-ready, VR-ready

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A pack of furniture, fixture and plant with 322 optimized meshes and more than 140 materials. It can be used in game and architecture visualization. All meshes and materials are compatible with mobile and VR platform.

Source Images:

Technical Details

Video of projects that used the assets:

Features: Realistic look, Optimized, Can be used for mobile and VR platform, and Pivots are set to right position -> easy placing and transforming (objects snap directly into surface when placing them from content browser to level)

Props scaled to Epic skeleton: YES

Texture Size: 64x64 (1), 128x128 (6), 256x256 (46), 512x512 (133), 1024x1024 (244), 2048x2048 (98), 4096x4096 (14)

Collision: YES (per poly)

Vertex Count: 4 - 63.922

LODs: YES (around 4 LODs)

Number of Meshes: 322

Number of Materials & Instances: 585

Number of Textures: 542

Supported Development Platforms: All (Desktop (PC), Mobile (Android/iOS), VR)

Supported Target Build Platforms: All (Desktop (PC), Mobile (Android/iOS), VR)

NOTE: All images are used for artworks in the project are taken from, which is FREE FOR COMMERCIAL USE.

Please email us at for any question you may have.



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