Fruits and Vegetables Pack

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Thirty-three models of fruits and vegetables made using photogrammetry in homemade studio.

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High quality set of 33 models of variety of fruits and vegetables made using full 3D photogrammetry in homemade studio.

Some are in pairs, few have also cut in half version. Perfect for detailing for example kitchen, store or garden in your game or visualization.

All with max 4k PBR Albedo and Normal textures, 5k tris with LODs down to few hundred will give you many details.

Fruits and vegetable models included:
• 2x apple
• 2x beet
• 1x carrot
• 1x celery
• 2.5x coconut
• 2.5x fig
• 2x garlic
• 2x lemon
• 1x mango
• 1.5x melon
• 1x orange
• 1x parsley
• 2x peach
• 2.5x pear
• 2x plum
• 2x potato
• 2x pumpkin (different types)
• 1x watermelon

Technical Details

• Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
• Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
• Texture Size: 4k (4096x4096)
• Collision: Yes, automatically generated
• Vertex Count: ~4900-5200 at LOD 0 depending on model
• LODs: Yes, two stages - LOD1 ~2500 tris and LOD2 ~100-960 depending on model
• Number of Meshes: 33
• Number of Materials and Material Instances: 1 Material and 33 Instances
• Number of Textures: 66
• Intended Platform: Desktop, Consoles, VR
• Platforms Tested: Desktop (Windows)
• Documentation Included: No

Important\Additional Notes: If you want/need lower texture resolution, you can do that quickly and easy in Texture Properties by setting LOD Bias inside Unreal Engine. Don't be afraid of performance, on 4th-gen Core i7, GTX970 and 16 GB I spawned 2000 instances with activated physics without much FPS drop.



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