Framed Art and Canvas Pack

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Customizable frames & art assets made to breathe life in to your game or archvis interior!

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A collection of highly customizable frames, canvases, and art assets made to help breathe life in to your game or archvis interior environment! This polish pack is for any world builder that wants to add the details of a truly lived in and convincing room, but doesn't have time to spend precious days and hours modeling, texturing & designing custom art pieces.

• (6) unique frame styles
• (6) material options for each frame: Brass, Brushed Metal, Leather, Plastic, Varnished wood, & Painted wood.
• Frame Materials include color picking options (except metal and brass)
• (10) varying canvases, paintings and photos are included for framing. Tons of framed art combinations!
• PBR materials
• Canvas art can be used independent of frames.
• 4k Textures!
• Assets and textures made to hold up under close viewing.
• Poly efficient. All frames are between 152-672 Tris.

Select the best frame and imagery to compliment your environment. Change your frame to any color you'd like!

Technical Details

Number of assets: 8 static meshes
Range of Tris: 152 min - 672 max
Number of materials: 16
Texture Size: 4096 x 4096 includes Albedo, Normal, Roughness, Metallic
Intended Platform: Desktop, Windows, Mac
Documentation Included: No
Important/Additional Notes: Choose any color for your frames using the simple and easy to use material instances. See images for reference.



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