Fractal Tree

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Create your personal unique Fractal Trees via Blueprints.

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Scene example:


*** New function added: ANIMATE&CONTROL THE FRACTAL TREE ***

*** New function added: RANDOM WEIGHED BRANCHES ***

10 Blueprints to create unary, binary, trinary and quaternary fractal trees. 

You can animate unary trees and destroy binary trees.

Easy to use: drag & drop a tree Blueprint in the scene, change the settings editor.

Personilize any tree with your mesh and materials. 

The pre-built scene comes with 30 Fractal trees already created to be used and modified. 

UE4 Forum link page:

Technical Details

This package contains 10 fully commented Blueprints to create the following fractal trees:

  • Unary trees (1mother-1child)
  • Binary trees (1mother-2children)
  • Trinary trees (1mother-3children)
  • Quaternary trees (1mother-4children)
  • Unary tree animation around X, Y, Z axis
  • 3 destructible binary trees (you can add more using new Destr.Meshes)

Fractal Editor will let you change the following parameters: 

  • Fractal Levels (0=root...up to N levels)
  • Level Scale (change the X,Y,Z scale of each mesh present in a tree level)
  • Tree Scale (will affect the whole tree dimension)
  • X,Y,Z rotation angle (to rotate the tree, you can also use the editor rotation)
  • Level 0 Mesh (select the root static mesh of your tree)
  • Child meshes (select the children static meshes of the tree)
  • Tree material (the selected material will cover the entire tree)
  • Gravity (on/off, test it on destructible trees explosions)
  • Simulated physics (on/off)
  • Collision Type (no collision or collision enabled, useful for tree animations)
  • Lock lev0 rotation (if you want to block the root rotation so you can't change it via the editor rotation tool)
  • Level 0 DestructMesh 
  • Child Destruct
  • Rotation angle
  • Rotation speed



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