Four Evil Dragons PBR

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Dragons for any fantasy theme games with lightweight low poly and PBR textures

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For Dragon the Usurper's youtube preview, click here.

For Dragon the Terror Bringer's youtube preview, click here.

For Dragon the Nightmare's youtube preview, click here.

For Dragon the Soul Eater's youtube preview, click here.

Dragon the Usurper 4,832 Polycount(Tris). 

Dragon the Terror Bringer 4,684 Polycount(Tris) 

Dragon the Nightmare 4,382 Polycount(Tris) 

Dragon the Soul Eater 3,864 Polycount(Tris) 

Up 18 Various animations 

PBR textures with 4 different color variations (2048x2048). 

Original Maya 2016 files included. 

Technical Details

Scaled to Epic skeleton: (Yes) Since this is dragon, 4 times bigger than human

Rigged: (Yes)

Rigged to Epic skeleton: (No)

Animated: (Yes)

Number of characters: 4

Texture Resolutions: 2048 X 2048

Number of Animations: 16 to 18 for each dragon

Animation types (In-place):

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS

Supported Target Build Platforms: All



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