Footstep Particle Pack

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This is a collection of particles for footsteps in a variety of environments. Good for scifi, fantasy and modern game styles.

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Extra Particle Additions:

This is a collection of particle systems for footsteps in a variety of environments.
Attach these particles to your characters and you'll have them kicking up dust, grass, embers and more in no time! This particle pack compliments a variety of realistic, sci-fi and supernatural themes. They are also built to be easily attached to any animation through the notification system or a blueprint setup.

List of every effect:
• Darkness
• Dirt
• Dust
• Electric
• Embers
• Energy Dust
• Fire
• Grass
• Grass Light
• Leaves
• Light
• Mud
• Energy Ring
• Static
• Water Small and Large
• Pixel Wave
• Snow Heavy and Light
• Sparks
• Shocking

Technical Details

CPU, GPU, and\or mesh emitters? Most use GPU emitters (though they would work fine with that disabled) and a couple use mesh emitters.
Number of Effects: 21
Number of Materials: 11
Number of Meshes: 1
Number of Textures: 6
Intended Platform: All
Platforms Tested: PC
Important\Additional Notes: Most of these particles materials are lit, to better blend with your environments, but if youd prefer they remain a set color or gain a little performance all you'll need to do is set a few materials to unlit.

Check here for a quick and easy way to hook these up to your animations.
These generally work best with the "Attached" box unchecked and (if using the UE4 rig) set the rotation offset to roll 90.



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