Field of Battle: Helicopter

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Blueprint to replicate helicopters from many popular AAA games, more than 100 knobs to config, multiplayer ready, support to 1st and 3rd person, top and side scroller

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Welcome Video

First Person

Side Scroller

Top Scroller

Playable Demo: Download

Demo includes 4 different games and 1 'Fly Test' room.


A solution for any kind of helicopter, fully made with Blueprint, with more than 100 settings capable to transform it from a helicopter to a drone (or other flying objects). The package has a master Blueprint for the helicopter itself, plus Blueprints for projectiles, audio cues, interfaces, camera shakes, and user interface. It also includes a few child Blueprints for different game modes (see videos above).

Standard parts of a helicopter are implemented: missiles, machine gun, propellers, cockpit, and user interface. All these parts can be changed, some from the Blueprint viewport and others through options in the class default settings (such as which missile class the vehicle will use).

Adding the helicopter to an existing project is made to be easy with a simple keybind setup in the master Blueprint and an interface to communicate with the game mode. Debugging is also a strong point with a user interface to see velocity data and be able to tweak some settings at runtime.

Technical Details


  • Replicated out of the box, server autorithy and owning player simulation to avoid perception lag.
  • More than 30 settings to setup movement.
  • Different perspectives: first, third, side scroller, top down, top scroller (includes child Blueprints for each one, see the videos in the description).
  • Five pre-configured cameras.
  • Supports high poly cockpit mesh.
  • Propeller supports mesh blades or just a motion blur material, settings for speed, rotation, height.
  • Missiles and machine gun with more than 20 settings.
  • Missile difficulty control.
  • Heat control for the machine gun.
  • UI for debug velocity, weapons, panel to change velocity settings at runtime, includes debug projectiles as well.
  • Interfaces to communicate with the game mode, server functions to control health and ammo amount, builtin engine damage interface implemented, several pure functions to query data easily.
  • Organized audio system with dedicated cues for each effect with exposed parameters from the helicopter Blueprint.
  • Many small polish effects like warning on low health and dust blowing when near ground.
  • Landed state: lock certain rotations when in the ground.
  • Fine tune sensitivity with dozen of settings plus curve editing.
  • Collision detection with damage suggestion.

Supported Platforms and Controllers:

  • Tested on Windows.
  • Tested with Mouse, Keyboard, Xbox controller and Flight joystick.



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