Female Mannequin

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A female mannequin character model for game development and prototyping.

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VIDEO PRESENTATION : www.youtube.com/watch?v=FafrqujErhI

NOTE ON ENGINE VERSIONS : Character skeletal meshes are not tied to engine versions, hence this model or bundle will always be compatible with the latest version of the engine without the need for it to explicitely marked as 4.XX compatible (at the exception of example blueprints if included). I regularly check compatibility with recent engine versions anyways, but if this asset is not marked as "compatible with 4.XX" you can still download it as a previous version and migrate the asset, or edit the engine association in the .uproject. Thanks !

A female mannequin character model for game development and prototyping. This model features :

• A skeleton adjusted to female proportions, compatible with animation retargeting (see instructions in the video)

• Material IDs for each part of the model, allowing for easy colorization to create identifiable enemies, factions, team colors.

Technical Details

No need for animation assets retargeting - just import into a project with an Epic Male Mannequin present and Right click > Assign skeleton (and save !) to use Epic Male animations.

[Update 2018 05 28]

• The version of the model using a non-standard skeleton has been removed from the 4.19 version and above for clarity. It is still available in the previous version of the asset for legacy needs.

• 3 body variants are now available : Tall Athletic, Tall Thin, Short curvy.

Scaled to Epic skeleton : Yes (this is a female character therefore the proportions differ slightly from the base male.)

Rigged : Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton : Yes

Animated : Yes (comes with examples from the ThirdPerson male : Idle, Run, Walk, Jump start/loop/end)

Number of characters : 1

Vertex counts of character : 20807 verts (41224 tris)

Texture Resolutions : body 2048*2048, joints 1024*512, eyes 1024*512

Number of Animations: 6

Animation types : In-place

Engine Compatibility : 4.14

Intended Platform : Win, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, mobile

Platforms Tested : Win



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