Female Mannequin

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A female mannequin character model for game development and prototyping.

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Preview: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FafrqujErhI

[Update 2018 05 28]

• The version of the model using a non-standard skeleton has been removed from the 4.19 version of the asset for clarity. It is still available in the previous version of the asset for legacy needs.

• 3 body variants are now available : Tall Athletic, Tall Thin, Short curvy.


A female mannequin character model for game development and prototyping. This model features :

• A skeleton adjusted to female proportions, compatible with animation retargeting (see instructions in the video)

• Material IDs for each part of the model, allowing for easy colorization to create identifiable enemies, factions, team colors.

Technical Details

Scaled to Epic skeleton : Yes (this is a female character therefore the proportions differ slightly from the base male.)
Rigged : Yes
Rigged to Epic skeleton : Yes
Animated : Yes (comes with retargeted examples from the ThirdPerson male : Idle, Run, Walk, Jump start/loop/end)
Number of characters : 1
Vertex counts of character : 20807 verts (41224 tris)
Texture Resolutions : body 2048*2048, joints 1024*512, eyes 1024*512
Number of Animations: 6
Animation types : In-place
Engine Compatibility : 4.14
Intended Platform : Win, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, mobile
Platforms Tested : Win
Documentation : See linked video for animation retargeting instructions, and this wiki page for details: docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Animation/AnimationRetargeting



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