Feline Swordsman

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A sword-wielding feline warrior for MOBA and third-person action games.

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This model of a fantasy feline swordsman comes with a set of custom animations and is compatible with the Epic Male skeleton. Color variants and facial blendshapes are included. The weapon is socketed and can be reused with any character. A third-person controller using custom animations and some of the default Epic ones is included in the provided example level.

Video presentation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozxGxMFVNcA

NOTE ON ENGINE VERSIONS : Character skeletal meshes are not tied to engine versions, hence this model or bundle will always be compatible with the latest version of the engine without the need for it to be explicitely marked as 4.XX compatible (at the exception of example blueprints if included). I regularly check compatibility with recent engine versions anyways, but if this asset is not marked as "compatible with 4.XX" you can still download it as a previous version and migrate the asset, or edit the engine association in the .uproject. Thanks !

Technical Details

• Scaled to Epic skeleton : Yes. This is a "larger than life" stylized character, the pelvis bone is 10 units higher than that of the default male.
• Rigged : Yes
• Rigged to Epic skeleton : Yes
• Animated : Yes. 14 original animations are included : 2 idles, 3 runs, 3 attacks, ultimate with and without root
motion, taunt, death, stun, fall. 11 Epic animations are also ported over from the default male to this character for conveniency.
• Number of characters : 1
• Triangle count : character 25775 tris, weapon 2364 tris
• Texture resolution : character 4096*4096, weapon 2048*2048
• Engine Compatibility : 4.15
• Intended Platform : Win, Mac, PS4, Xbox One
• Platforms Tested : Win



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