Feline Swordsman

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A sword-wielding feline warrior for MOBA and third-person action games.

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Preview : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozxGxMFVNcA

This model of a fantasy feline swordsman comes with a set of custom animations and is compatible with the Epic Male
skeleton. Color variants and facial blendshapes are included. The weapon is socketed and can be reused with any character. A third-person controller using custom animations and some of the default Epic ones is included in the provided example level.

Technical Details

• Scaled to Epic skeleton : Yes. This is a "larger than life" stylized character, the pelvis bone is 10 units higher than that of the default male.
• Rigged : Yes
• Rigged to Epic skeleton : Yes
• Animated : Yes. 14 original animations are included : 2 idles, 3 runs, 3 attacks, ultimate with and without root
motion, taunt, death, stun, fall. 11 Epic animations are also ported over from the default male to this character for conveniency.
• Number of characters : 1
• Triangle count : character 25775 tris, weapon 2364 tris
• Texture resolution : character 4096*4096, weapon 2048*2048
• Engine Compatibility : 4.15
• Intended Platform : Win, Mac, PS4, Xbox One
• Platforms Tested : Win



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