Fantasy Weapons Mega Pack!

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This kit is a Mega pack of 105 Weapons + a Great Hall Modular kit! Swords, Shields, Bows, Daggers, Axes, Medieval Weapons, Castle, Icons, Polearm. Scythe,

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This Kit includes 105 fantasy style weapons and the modular great hall kit. Perfect for MMO and RPG style games. Additional images for the weapons can be found on the Mini kit links below! Every weapon has two texture sets Clean and Used/Dirty. The weapons can be found in static mesh and Skeletal mesh with multiple grip locations for the bigger weapons. Also included you will find Icons for every weapon including a grid image to get your inventory started The kit also includes the modular great hall set seen in the images. The great hall has four rooms featuring each player class that is connected to the mini kits below. We also included gold bars gold coins various gems and treasure chests and more loot to boot! The same sections for the great hall can be used to create walls and smaller buildings as shown in the image and run through video. We could not include images of every single corner or weapon as we are only allowed to showcase so many. Please see the run through for the full scope of the kit or click on a mini kit!

Video Run Through

Mini Kits:

Warlock Weapons

Warrior Weapons

Paladin Weapons

Ranger Weapons

Great Hall Solo kit

Technical Details


  •  5 x Axes 5 x Skeletal
  •  5x Bard weapons 5x Skeletal
  •  5x Books 5x Open Books 5x Skeletal
  • 5x Bows 5x Skeletal
  • 5x Daggers 5x Skeletal
  • 5x Flintlocks 5x Skeletal
  • 5x Great Axes 5x Skeletal
  • 5x Great Swords 5x Skeletal
  • 5x Hammers 5x Skeletal
  • 5x Hand2Hand/Knuckle 5x Skeletal
  • 5x King Swords 5x Skeletal
  • 5x Maces 5x Skeletal
  • 5xPolearm 5x Skeletal
  • 5x Throwing Potions 5x Skeletal
  • 5x Scythe 5x Skeletal
  • 5x Shield 5x Skeletal
  • 5x Staves 5x Skeletal
  • 5x Swords 5x Skeletal
  • 5x Two Handed Hammers 5x Skeletal
  • 5x Throwing Weapons 5x Skeletal
  • 5x Wands 5x Skeletal
  • Modular Great Hall Kit plus Rocks trees
  • Chairs, tables, banners, holders everything seen comes with the kit.
  • Loot! (coins, gold bars, gems, chests)

Texture Sizes:

  •  4096 PBR
  •  2048 PBR

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Collision: Custom and Auto

Vertex Count: Weapons range from 800-2000

LODs: Yes on large poly objects generated with simplygon

Number of Meshes:225

Number of Skeletal Meshes: 116 (105 weapons+ 11 ammo and gear)

Number of Materials and Material Instances:84

Number of Textures: 394 (Includes weapon Icons)

Supported Development Platforms: PC

Supported Target Build Platforms:PC, Console, VR

Documentation: Prop Garden Studios

Important/Additional Notes: No character or Inventory Blue Prints Included)



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