Fantasy UI Pack

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Colorful fantasy UI pack including frames, buttons, icons and more!

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Fantasy UI pack

All layers separated in PNG files (background, icons and frames separated) and PSD files

Buttons - pressed and unpressed

Potions, swords, shields

Images are big enough ( mostly around 450px )

Bonus decoration items you can edit frames with

Since this is my first UI, I will be glad for any suggestions or ideas what should i add. If you will find something that bothers you, please let me know and I will try my best to fix it.

contact email:

Technical Details

Number of Items: 85

Smallest icons are around 100px, largest around 1024px.

PNG files have transparency and PSD file is included.

Platforms tested: Windows

This is the Art for a UI pack, but it does not contain any UI functionality. 



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