Fantasy Environment

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Large collection of handpainted props, buildings and vegetation. Suitable for top down levels.

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Large collection of handpainted buildings, props and vegetation. Suitable for both top down / MOBA and FPS games: hi-res textures, particle presets, animated models, landscape setup. As you can see in the screenshots, the models are looking great from all angles. Sky setting blueprints are not a part of the pack but can be easily adjusted using the Skylight and Post process volume settings.

Technical Details

158 Buildings and props
140 Plants and mushrooms
43 Rocks and crystals
54 Trees and stumps
6 Particle Systems
30 Materials
75 Textures – 4096x / 2048x
6 Landscape Textures – 2048px
PBR Materials: Yes
LODs: No
Colliders: Yes (custom made)
Example scene: Yes (not optimized for release)
Platforms: PC, Console
Triangle Count:
Buildings 10000 – 15000 tris
Props 100 – 3000 tris
Plants 20 – 2000 tris
Rocks 50 – 500 tris
Trees 1000 – 8000 tris



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