Fade Screen Transition Effects

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FADE | Screen Transition Effects - A large pack of custom screen fades including wipes, dissolves, distortions, and many more!

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FADE | Screen Transition Effects

Now includes widget fades! For fire and forget transitions over your current UI!

Preview | Here

Introduction | Here

Add something extra to your game with this pack of screen transitions!

We've gone through and created UE4-Ready versions of all the popular screen wipes out there.

Need a wipe? A spinning star? How about a ripple distort? We've got you covered.

Technical Details


  • 40 Post Process Materials with lots of customisable parameters.
  • 26 UI transition materials, same level of customisation but now easier than ever, and works over exisiting UI.
  • Consistent Parameter naming for easy hot-swapping between effects.
  • 100% Signed Distance Field based; smooth gradients without banding or compression at any resolution.
  • Optional Material Parameter Collection override for global transition control.
  • Easy to animate in Sequencer and/or Blueprints.
  • Easy event based triggering using new blueprint fades.
  • Fade to any colour - Not just black!

Number of Materials: 66

Number of Widgets: 1

Number of blueprints: 1 and 1 macro library for easy plug and play.

Average Parameters Per Material: 4-6

Supported Development Platforms: All

Supported Target Build Platforms: All

Important/Additional Notes:

  • Use screen transitions in VR with caution. Some transitions are uncomfortable in VR.
  • World-Space effects do not work when using forward rendering.
  • Sequence fades Do not fade out UMG UI added to the view port, these will remain on top of the transition.
  • The updated UI fades will cover your current UMG UI.



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