Extreme Ambient - Volume 1

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Extreme Ambient Volume one features 76 files in all - 1:34:44 worth of run time!

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Extreme Ambient - Volume 1

Sound link to a sample track from this pack: https://soundcloud.com/user-46083621/ambient-piece-number-62

Includes 76 Ambient sounds with 

 - 29 files with a 1 minute 54 second run time (55:06 runtime)

 - 1 file with a 1 minute 52 second run time (01:52 runtime)

 - 2 files with a 1 minute 46 second run time (03:32 runtime)

 - 11 files with a 54 second run time (09:54 runtime)

 - 23 files with a 48 seconds run time (18:24 runtime)

 - 7 files with a 44 second run time (05:08 runtime)

 - 3 files with a 16 second run time (00:48 runtime)


 76 files in all - 1:34:44 worth of run time! In 16 bit WAV format. 

Extreme Ambient is ambient sounds and ambient music for your game. It features over 90 solid minutes worth of tracks to select from ranging from 16 seconds to almost 2 minutes each. The final package has been carefully built to be used in many places in your game from ambient background sound to menus to whatever you need it for (even machines, level ambient, and more.)! We spent a lot of time perfecting this package to bring you the quality you have come to expect from Lightstorm Game Studios. From Ambient music and sound designer, Will Zettler who has been producing ambient tracks for games and film since 2001.

Technical Details


  •  76 files in all
  •  94 minutes of music

Number of Audio Wavs: 76

Number of Audio Cues: 76

Sample rate / bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit - Stereo WAVs

Does music loop: Yes

Minutes of audio provided: 94

Supported Development Platforms: Windows 10/Xbox One/PS4/Android/VR

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows 10/Xbox One/PS4/Android/VR

Documentation: None needed - E-mail support if any questions

Important/Additional Notes:



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