Extend Text (UMG)

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Extend Text can designate one UMG text or more Font, Style and Color.

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Tutorial: youtu.be/1QqKRkDHiMs

This plug-in provides Extend text which is an expanded version of UMG text. Extend Text can designate one UMG text or more Font, Style and Color. For example, one Text Widget expresses rainbow-colored Text. Extend Text uses registering many types. TextOption is a structure that saves the Tag that does not have duplicate information of Font, Style and Color.

Main Features:
• You can apply several colors, fonts and styles in one text (In units of letter)
• You can change size of text (In units of letter)
• Text effects can apply by defining TextOption structure
• Similar to using UMG Text
• It can be used by using UMG Editor and Blueprint only; C++ is not necessary

Technical Details

List of Modules:
• ExtendText ("Type": "Runtime", "LoadingPhase": "Default")

Intended Platform: All Platforms
Platforms Tested: Win32, iOS, Android
Documentation Included : No, But has upload the example project at my blog glsseact.wordpress.com/2016/04/14/205
Important/Additional Notes: No
Mergability Format : Engine Plugin



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