European House Modular Building Pack

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European House – Highly Modular Building Pack to create unlimited unique Houses!

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This Modular Set is designed to build any kind of (Multistory) houses without any restrictions. There are unlimited possible combinations. Complete with Interiors and Props like Lightswitch and Power Outlets! Each wall can be painted separately and combined with different floor and socket materials.

You can Build everything with different Types of Walls, Floors and Roofs. Doors, Window, Garage Door, and a full Rainwater Gutter are included to get a realistic looking House! The Assets are at Real-Life Dimensions with an Inner Room Height at 2.5 meters. Collisions are set so you can walk trough the House with the Standard-Sized Mannequin easily!

Watch the Fly-Through:

Technical Details

  • Props scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
  • Texture Size : 1024x1024
  • Collision: Automatically generated; Doors and Stairs per-poly
  • Vertex Count: 2 - 4300
  • LODs: N/A
  • Number of Meshes: 59
  • Number of Materials: 31
  • Number of Textures: 41
  • 4 Probs: Lightswitch, Power Outlet, Door Bell and Overhead Spotlight
  • 7 Prebuild Blueprints for Roof Sections
  • 3 Blueprints for setting static Opening Angles on Doors and Windows live in Editor
  • 2 Blueprint for choosing Open/Half-Closed/Closed Window-Lids and a Spotlight
  • Overview and Example Map



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