Energy Hard Rock Music Pack

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Dynamic Heavy and Powerful Hard Rock Tracks!

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Part of Mega Game Music Collection - huge library of high quality music for a variety of genres, from action to fantasy, casual, horror, puzzle, everything (4 GB of HQ music for all games)!


Dynamic Heavy and Powerful Hard Rock tracks with electronic and

orchestral elements!

It’s perfect for action/tension film score, games, trailers.

10 TRACKS INCLUDED (with loop versions):

1. No Way Back - 3:34

2. Time For Action - 2:07

3. Heart Of Warrior - 4:30

4. Rage Machine - 2:09

5. Unbreakable - 2:01

6. Hard Rock - 2:12

7. Can't Stop Me - 2:06

8. Let's Rock- 2:19

9. Be Faster - 2:28

10. Fatality Racer - 1:46


Check my Original Soundtrack for Tyr: Chains of Valhalla.

Soundcloud Preview

Available on all digital platforms!

Technical Details

Number of Audio tracks: 21 (10 different musical works)
Number of Audio Cues: 21
Sample rate \ bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs
Does music\audio loop: Yes
How many sound FX: 0
How many minutes of audio provided: 51 mins



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