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Velox Player Plus - Volumetric 3D Video

Velox XR - Code Plugins - Oct 26, 2023

Velox Player Plus is a code plug-in that imports, edits ans saves volumetric video files in the VLX format recorded on mobile devices with depth cameras.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    5.1 - 5.3
  • Download Type
    Engine Plugin
    This product contains a code plugin, complete with pre-built binaries and all its source code that integrates with Unreal Engine, which can be installed to an engine version of your choice then enabled on a per-project basis.

*** UPDATE ***

Velox Player plugin version 0.7

Velox Player Plus plugin version 0.4b


Present your game play and content **directly** from the game with a third-person camera view!

Create a video of yourself walking through the live action and environment in 3D

Velox XR is excited to introduce a new feature for recording VLX videos of a live gameplay.

In the Velox Player Plus plugin we added a new Blueprint Actor: Velox Recorder which can be placed into a scene to automatically record a gameplay footage of a Player from the Recorder's camera view.

This is a runtime feature which can be built into a standalone UE application running on any UE compatible platform including VR.

By combining the game VLX footage with another VLX video of real people you can produce a never-seen-before experience of putting real-life performances into live 3D games by just using your mobile device:

- no green screen is required

- no studio is required

- no hardware calibration is required

Example Video

Tutorial Video


**** UPDATE ****

Velox Player Plus plugin version 0.3b Update:

  • Processing Pipeline
  • New UI
  • Style Transfer

Velox Player Plus is a code open source plug-in that imports, edits and saves volumetric video files in the VLX format recorded on mobile devices with depth cameras. The VLX format allows creators to bring photorealistic appearance of people and environments into Unreal Engine scenes. The video frames are turned into animated geometry with textures which is fully compatible with the real-time rendering pipeline of Unreal Engine. With added benefits of the camera tracking and elimination of the background it makes a perfect tool to virtual production and gaming studios for creating immersive experiences based on real-life performances.

The video recording introduction and tutorial is here.

NOTE: It's an extension to a free Velox Player plugin allowing editing existing volumetric videos with the Velox Player Editor UI.

Plus Features:

  • Velox Player Editor UI
  • Run Converter Blueprints (from Content/Converter) with NN Models (requires Velox Neuro plugin, download ONNX file from here) to
  • detect objects and humans
  • generate masks
  • style transfer
  • Edit VLX files
  • Save VLX files

In order to record a 3D video you need an app installed on a device with a depth camera. For example, there is an official iOS app “V3L Camera '' available in the App Store for FREE. The process is fully mobile and requires:

  • NO green screen
  • NO special studio
  • NO camera calibration

The VLX format contains the following data channels:

  • Camera tracking with world position and orientation - required
  • Video in RGB format (compressed) - required
  • Depth in Grayscale format - required
  • Time code frame synchronization - required
  • Mask channel in Grayscale format (compressed) - optional
  • Normals channel in RGB format (compressed) - optional
  • Human tracking - optional
  • Audio file in the WAV format - optional

To get started open our sample project for UE5.2 with basic features and effects you can create using our sample VLX footages which are available for everyone to download video1, video2, video3, video4.

  • Full frame reconstruction in 3D
  • Filter human subjects from the background with depth using tracking of Region of Interest (ROI) with AI (available in separate Plugin: Velox Neuro)
  • Remove the background with human masks generated by AI (available in separate Plugin: Velox Neuro)
  • Apply UE visual effects with fog, particles, lighting and reflection.
  • Virtual set extension example

Watch these preview videos of the sample project:


Visit our Product page.

The plugin is compatible with Windows and Android platforms and tested on Android based standalone VR headsets.

Technical Details

The Velox Player Plus plugin implements the Media Player Framework interface to play video files rendering each video frame as a dynamic 3D mesh with video texture. By dropping in a VLX file into your project’s Content folder will create 4 assets:

  • Media Source assets pointing to your VLX file
  • Media Player of VLX media source assets
  • Actor Blueprint asset with components for rendering the media player output
  • Audio asset in your VLX file

Basic Features:

  • Real-time dynamic mesh animation based on depth from the camera
  • Video Mesh texture animation 
  • Culling mesh polygons based on the tracked region of interest (ROI)
  • Culling mesh polygons with a Truncation Cube
  • Alpha masks to cull mesh polygons
  • Animated Normal maps
  • Color correction properties: brightness and contrast

Plus Features:

  • Velox Player Editor UI: Menu option in "Windows/Velox Tools"
  • Blueprint processor/converter of VLX files
  • Edit VLX files with object detection, mask generation and more
  • Save VLX files

Code Modules:

  • VLXImgMediaEditor

Number of Blueprints: 1

Number of C++ Classes: 2

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Android

Documentation: Link

Example Project: link

Discord server: Link