V5D for Unreal

Presagis - Code Plugins - Jan 19, 2023

Build simulation applications on large geospatial digital twins and synthetic environments.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    5.0 - 5.1

Presagis ‘V5D for Unreal’ is a professional tool requiring an Enterprise license. To inquire about licenses please contact Presagis here.

Presagis ‘V5D for Unreal’ is a plugin that enables Unreal Engine 5 users to build simulation applications for large geospatial digital twins by:

  • Rendering Open Geospatial Consortium Common Databases (OGC CDB)
  • Loading geospatial data and procedurally generating content configured with Presagis VELOCITY 5D (datasets such as elevation, imagery, and vector files).
  • Integrating with third party simulation tools through CIGI (Common Image Generator Interface), DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation) and HAT/HOT (High At/Of Terrain) messages.

Enhance. Visualize. Immerse.

VELOCITY 5D for Unreal is a comprehensive UE5 plugin that not only lets you load and deploy game-quality visuals for simulations, but allows you to scale and extend the application to achieve high-density scenes across wide geographic areas in real-time.

Providing an extremely flexible 3D visualization environment, ‘V5D for Unreal’s plugin lets developers load 3D geospatial digital twins (or synthetic environments), and seamlessly connect, interoperate and synchronize across systems.

Reach unprecedented levels of realism using Open Geospatial Consortium Common Databases (OGC CDB) or GIS data sources configured with VELOCITY 5D.

The plugin is ideally suited for the efficient rendering of very large, high-resolution areas – from out-of-the-window content to highly realistic sensor views when combined with Ondulus-family sensors (coming soon to UE5).

Use Unreal Engine to deploy any 3D application using large geospatial digital twins or synthetic environments.

Learn more about OGC CDB, and the benefit of using an open standard in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcO_cpDx4DA

Access more large-scale geospatial digital twins, or create your own with VELOCITY 5D. A geospatial platform that automates the generation of simulation-ready high fidelity 3D environments.


Technical Details

How can V5D for Unreal benefit you?


Highly efficient OGC CDB and GIS source loading

  • Fully multithreaded – built for performance and high FPS
  • Built from years of experience in OGC CDB loading optimization

Leverages UE5 game engine quality

  • Full lighting model support with shadows and reflections
  • Supports PBR (material for light reflection, water)
  • Runtime rendering enhancement from CDB datasets
  • Procedural imagery enhancement
  • Procedural road surface textured polygon support from CDB road vector

Support for simulation

  •  Ability to activate physics and collision mesh around the viewpoint
  • Supports DIS, CIGI, HAT/HOT messages, special effects, and animations

Precision with accurate local projections

  • No spherical approximation

Professional product   

  • Sample databases, sample project, exhaustive documentation, and step-by-step guide to help you get started.
  •  Access to 30-day trials
  •  Access to support and expert services

Download, documentation, sample datasets, and sample project.